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From our farm to your cabinet, Alpine's Hemp Co. sustainably grows and processes the finest CBD products on the market.  Located in Lincoln County, Alpine's Farm was founded in 1771 by American Pioneer, Peter Finger and has been farmed continuously for the past 12 generations by his descendants.  Alpine's Hemp Co. continues this local tradition with all of our products being sustainably grown and produced in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

 Our Mission

Our mission at Alpine's Hemp Co. is simple. Provide our customers a great product that works! We use natural and organic ingredients in our products and never cut corners. Our prices are affordable and our products are amazing!

Our Simple Process

Alpine's Farm



The first step in our CBD journey is growing the highest quality hemp to make our Full Spectrum CBD Extract. The hemp strain we choose to use for our extract is named “Baox”. This hemp strain has an 14% CBD content and we only process the flower portion of the hemp plant, not the stalks, stems and leaves (biomass).

Our farm in North Carolina uses only organic and sustainable farming methods to grow the hemp such as solar power, cover crops and we never use any  pesticides or herbicides. Alpine's Hemp Co. is a licensed hemp farm in the state of North Carolina.  All of our hemp is under the 0.3% THC level. This makes our hemp federally legal to own and possess.

The CBD Extraction


Once grown and harvested, our hemp is sent to our FDA, cGMP and ISO licensed and certified lab partner to begin the CBD extraction. We use decarboxylation to activate the hemp and turn the CBDa into CBD and get it ready for extraction. Once the hemp has been through the decarboxylation process it is placed in custom built reactors with multiple filtration systems, we use only food grade ethanol in this step. Our ethanol is below freezing temperature and we do what is known as a 'winterization'.  Winterization removes the waxes and the lipids from the CBD extract. This distillation process helps ensure the purity of our full spectrum CBD extract. Once all the steps above have been completed our CBD extract is placed in sterile containers and shipped to PHR Labs to test for potency. Our CBD extract is stored at optimal temperature until ready to be infused into our products.

The CBD Infusion


The third step in our CBD journey is the CBD infusion. In this step we take our Full Spectrum CBD extract and infuse it into other mediums to create our final products.

We use only the highest quality organic hemp seed oil that we can find to make all of our tinctures. Our team carefully measures out the full spectrum CBD extract and the organic hemp seed oil to ensure it is at the right potency. We then once again have a third party lab test them for a final COA (Certificate of Analysis).

Our CBD lotions, CBD bath bombs, and Delta-8 / CBD gummies are all made in small batches, custom formulated to our specifications.  They are carefully infused with our CBD full spectrum extract into our custom blends and packages them for us on site. We then have PHR Labs test them for potency. Once all of our products have their COAs they are ready to be sold to our consumers.

We never cut any corners and all of our tinctures & lotions come in UV resistant glass jars or bottles with oil proof labels. All of our products are heat sealed for your safety. We ship with USPS priority mail and your order will normally arrive in 3 to 5 days after ordering. Please make sure that you store our CBD extracts in your refrigerator for long term safe keeping. A cool dry place (65 to 70 degrees) without light is good for the oil that you are currently consuming. This is an added safety precaution that we recommend due to the Organic Hemp Seed carrier oil that we use to make our tinctures.




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