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What is the Delta 8 tincture? 


Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that brings a lot to the table. As you may know, Delta-8 is the name given to a cannabinoid found in trace amounts in cannabis. Thanks to the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also called the Farm Bill, seeing Delta-8 products at your favorite smoke shops has become a part of the norm. 


Delta-8 products have become mainstream –noted for having no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which sets them apart from Delta-9 products. There are many ways to take Delta-8, which is becoming a legal way to reap the effects of cannabis. It is available in a number of varieties to suit a wide range of tastes. Tinctures are a great way to enjoy Delta-8, so you should add them to your list.  



You may have heard of tinctures or seen them when looking for Delta-8 products to add to your stash, but let’s talk about what they are and why they deserve a place in your cabinet.


Tinctures are essentially a liquified way to let in Delta-8 THC. Tinctures can best be described as highly concentrated liquid herbal extracts made by soaking herbs in alcohol, oil, or vegetable glycerin to draw out all of the properties of the herb. Tinctures are sold in glass bottles that have a dropper top that is used to suction out the hemp infused liquid. With Delta-8 tinctures, the effects of Delta-8 are literally a drop away. 


As Delta-8 increasingly becomes more popular, there are different types of people interested in trying it. Delta-8 tinctures are favored for recreational purposes that want a smokeless and vapor-free method for reaping the effects of cannabis. Of all the ways to get your Delta-8, tinctures are one of the easier ways to get the job done. Not only are Delta-8 tinctures easy-to-use, but they are a mess-free and a discreet way to enjoy Delta-8 THC. Delta-8 tinctures are for the non-smoking, anti-vaping cannabis user or just someone that wants to add a simple and hassle-free way to take delta-8 to their regimen.


Delta-8 tinctures are also unique because they have a pretty long shelf life. They can also be used in various ways and are pretty effective depending on how you choose to use them. Are Delta-8 THC tinctures the product you are missing from your cannabis collection? Where can you find a high-quality Delta-8 THC tincture? Here’s your guide to Delta-8 tinctures to help you figure it out!


How To Use Delta 8 THC Tinctures: 4 Different Methods 

One of the best things about tinctures is their versatility. They can be used in various ways depending on your preference. This is a unique factor about tinctures that you don’t really get with many other methods of taking. Let’s talk about 4 different ways to use Delta 8 tinctures. 


Orally /Sublingually

Of all the ways to use tinctures, taking them directly by mouth is the most common. This includes simply using the dropper to dispense your desired dose in your mouth or directly under your tongue. When using tinctures sublingually, it’s recommended to do so in front of a mirror to ensure the drops are placed under your tongue. Taking it under the tongue allows for the quickest onset of effects, which is typically between 30 minutes to an hour.


Infused into a favorite beverage

This method is as simple as it sounds. Use the dropper to dispense your desired dose into a beverage to take. Many people enjoy adding a few drops of a tincture to warm beverages like herbal tea to help up the chill factor. 


Infused into a favorite food or meal

Similar to the previous method, tinctures can be dispensed in a food of your choice. Consider Delta-8 tinctures your secret ingredient for adding a kick to your favorite meal. Do note that adding Delta-8 to food may affect the flavor and absorption time. 


Added to other edibles

This method can be done in one of two ways. Edibles are a different and popular way to take in Delta-8 THC. These are usually gummies and If you are looking to increase the potency of a Delta-8 edible you already have, you can use Delta-8 tinctures in combination with your Delta-8 edibles. For this method, simply put a few drops of your D8 tincture directly on top of the edible and take in.  If you are good in the kitchen and have some time to spare, another way to use your Delta-8 tinctures is by making homemade edibles. If you are considering either of these methods, be sure to use your tincture sparingly to ensure you are ingesting the desired amount of Delta-8 THC per edible, depending on what kind you make. 

These are some fun ways that Delta-8 tinctures can be used to explore just how versatile they really are. The best way to use your Delta-8 tincture totally depends on your preference and what other resources you have. It might even be a good idea to explore with each of these tincture use methods to determine which best suits you! 


How Will Delta 8 THC Tinctures Make Me Feel? 


You might be wondering what to expect with Delta-8 tinctures.  Delta-8 THC is a hemp-derived compound found in trace amounts. Delta-8 THC products contain no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is just enough to give you an buzz without being too intoxicating. Delta-8 is favored by many because it comes with fewer psychotropic effects when placed next to Delta-9 THC, the main active compound found in cannabis. Delta-8 does technically affect you since it does contain THC. So, keep this in mind when using Delta-8 tinctures. 

Delta-8 produces a high, but if you are familiar with Delta-9 THC products then you will notice a lighter potency with D8. Delta-8 tinctures will create a high that fades in slowly depending on the method of consumption you choose. 

The ingredients in your Delta-8 tinctures can impact the effects. Most tinctures are made with alcohol, oil like energy-boosting, coconut-derived MCT oil or even vegetable glycerin. The amount of those ingredients can potentially diffuse the potency a bit, so it is essential to read the labels prior to consumption. Another factor to consider is the dosage. Each brand should include how much Delta-8 THC is included in the product, as well as how much per 1 serving. The dosage you use may increase the effects though it’s best to avoid exceeding the recommended dose. Tinctures typically produce stronger and quicker effects when placed directly under the tongue. This is the quickest way to send the Delta-8 to your bloodstream. Be sure to carefully read the product descriptions and packaging before using Delta-8 tinctures. This will tell you what percentage of the tincture is actually Delta-8 THC.


Our Best Delta 8 Tincture Products (We have 2 Delta 8 tincture products) 

Now that you know what Delta-8 tinctures are and some ways to use them, let’s talk about where to find Delta-8 tinctures for sale. Alpine’s Hemp is the best place to buy Delta-8 tinctures, and here’s why. 


The Alpine’s Hemp farm has been under the care of many generations. These industry leaders value sustainability and transparency when it comes to growing their products and showing how they make it all possible. The sustainable practices used to grow their products keeps them ahead of the cannabis curve. From their farm to your cabinet, the products at Alpine’s Hemp are lab-tested and made with organic ingredients. You can visit their website and check out their Certification of Analyses (COAs) on all of their products. 

You will especially love their Delta-8 tinctures. Alpine’s Hemp offers top shelf tinctures designed to cater to the needs of different Delta-8 lovers. Their 1:1 Delta-8 CBD tincture is a must-have. This tincture is made for those that not only love Delta-8 THC, but also the properties of cannabidiol (CBD). This 1:1 tincture gives you the blissful buzz that comes with pure Delta-8 THC, along with a harmoniously healing twist thanks to their top shelf CBD. This blend is great if you are trying Delta-8 for the first time, or if you want a Delta-8 tincture with more mild effects. This tincture includes 20mg Delta 8 and 20mg Full Spectrum CBD per 1ml dropper. To make this blend even better, Alpine’s Hemp includes MCT oil, which could potentially have various effects. To cap off this 1:1 Delta-8 and CBD tincture is a deliciously refreshing peppermint flavor.

If you want nothing but Delta-8 THC, Alpine’s Hemp has another tincture made just for you. This tincture includes 40mg of top tier Delta-8 THC. Without CBD, this is the strongest Delta-8 THC tincture at Alpine’s Hemp and it will give you that smooth but potent Delta-8 sensation you’re searching for. This Delta-8 tincture oil also comes in a delicious minty flavor that adds a nice soothing and tingly flavor to the exciting effects of your new favorite cannabinoid, Delta-8 THC. 

These Delta-8 oil tinctures are the perfect size to take on the go and the tamper-resistant bottles are a much-appreciated safety feature. What more can you ask for? Store these Delta-8 tinctures in a cool, dry place and shake well before using! To get your daily deal of Delta 8, go  with top-of-the-line, head over to Alpines Hemp for the best Delta-8 tincture online. 


Delta 8 THC Tincture: FAQs

Q1. What is the Delta 8 tincture? 


Delta-8 tinctures are an alternative way to get your Delta-8. No rolling bud or restocking vapes necessary with Delta-8 tinctures. Tinctures are almost similar to edibles in that you take them by mouth, however, tinctures have an oil or alcohol based liquid infused with Delta-8. So, in the other words, there’s no chewing necessary with these either. Not to be confused with vape juices or e-liquids, Delta-8 tinctures are most effective when you place a few drops under your tongue and should not be used with a vape cartridge. Delta-8 tinctures are for people that prefer a Delta-8 THC product, although tinctures are also enjoyed recreationally.


Q2. How long do the effects of the Delta 8 tincture last? 

There are a few factors that may determine how long a Delta-8 tincture lasts. It is very important to take carefully with these products, even if they are diluted with other oils and bases. Larger doses may lead to longer-lasting effects. Once Delta-8 tinctures fully kick in, the effects can potentially last anywhere between 3 and 8 hours. The duration of the effects may also depend on the individual’s body chemistry, so it’s best to dose low when starting out with Delta-8 tinctures to gauge whether you like the effects they produce. 


Q3. How long do Delta 8 tinctures take to kick in? 


When taken sublingually, a Delta-8 tincture can kick in within 30 minutes. Alternatively, adding some drops of a Delta-8 tincture to food or a beverage may take a bit longer to take effect. Either way, it’s best to take in about 1-2 drops of a Delta-8 THC tincture, and then wait for it to take effect. 


Q4. Is it safe to use Delta 8 tincture? 


Make sure to purchase a high-grade tincture with the finest delta-8 to ensure a safe experience. Purchase from reputable brands that offer COAs so you can learn the exact ingredients in your tincture. Keep in mind that all tinctures are made differently. Some of them may include additives or cutting agents like vegetable glycerin or MCT oil so check labels thoroughly before having to honor any dietary restrictions or preferences.  Additionally, follow the usage instructions carefully and avoid exceeding the recommended dose. In fact, it’s best to take less than what it recommended to monitor how you are impacted and increasing as needed. Remember that Delta-8 tinctures may produce different effects for everyone. What works for a friend might not work for you. Consult with a doctor prior to trying Delta-8 tinctures and discontinue using them immediately if you experience adverse or unwanted effects.


Q5. Can Delta 8 tinctures get you high? 


Using Delta-8 tinctures can potentially get you high. If the tinctures include high quality Delta-8, you may experience a high that kicks in between 30 minutes to an hour. If you wish to experience a more mild to moderate high, consider Delta-8 tinctures that also contain CBD, which is naturally low in THC. 


Q6. What dosage should I take for a Delta 8 tincture? 


Whether you are new to Delta-8 products, or experienced, a small dose is advised until your understand how it affects your individual body. Most brands will recommend a dose based on how much Delta-8 THC is included in the product, and how much a single 1mL dropper contains. Follow these instructions closely to ensure that you are using your tincture properly. To stay on the safe side, stick with no more than 2 drops of a Delta-8 tincture to monitor the effects. Once you are comfortable using this product and have an idea how it makes you feel, continue using it with caution. 


Q7. Will Delta 8 tincture show up in a drug test? 


If you have, or could potentially have an upcoming drug test, then it’s best to avoid Delta-8 tinctures. Drug tests are able to detect tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which will cause you to fail the test. This is especially true when THC is taken regularly or in large doses and potentially smaller doses as well. If you are a heavy cannabis user, or even use Delta-8 frequently, there is a large possibility that you will fail your drug test. To avoid this, it's best to use THC-free tinctures if you could potentially be drug tested. CBD tinctures tend to contain little to no THC, so consider these as an alternative. However, even CBD products could potentially contain small amounts of THC, so it is up to you to determine if it’s really worth it. For the best results, it’s best to avoid Delta-8 tinctures for at least 30 days to pass a drug test. 


Are there any side effects associated with Delta 8 tincture usage? 

Delta-8 tinctures may impact all individuals differently. These products can cause users to experience a mild to potent high depending on how muchhe/she had. This can start off as stimulation in the head that slowly spreads to a tingling sensation in the body. When compared to Delta-9, which is known to be more potent, Delta-8 is considered a lighter option. 


Are Delta 8 THC Tinctures Legal?

When considering Delta-8 tinctures, you should make sure you can enjoy them legally where you live. As you know, Delta-9 cannabis products are not legal in all 50 states, but Delta-8 THC is a little different. Delta-8 tinctures are actually legal in most states! Delta-8 THC is a hemp-derived compound that contains about 0.3% THC, which is within the legal guidelines in most states. Some states, however, still do not allow Delta-8 products to be sold or used, while some others have completely banned the cannabinoid altogether. As of April 2022, Delta-8 THC is said to be legal in at least 26 states and 1 district, including: 













New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

North Carolina



South Carolina

South Dakota




West Virginia


Washington DC



Some other states have restricted, regulated and banned the use of Delta-8 products, including:













New York


Rhode Island





North Dakota 



Delta-8 products are said to be in current review in the following states: 





Check with local laws and regulations to learn whether you can legally purchase and use Delta-8 tinctures where you live, as well as to learn of any regulations enforced in your state. You should be able to find this information on the official government website for each state. To purchase Delta-8 tinctures, you must be at least 21 years of age. 

Q10. How to Find a High-Quality Delta 8 THC Tincture? 

Delta-8 products like delta 8 tincture 1200mg, and 1000mg are becoming more popular, there are many brands out there, so it may be tough to know who offers high quality products. Delta-8 tinctures are a product that some companies may cut corners on, because there are different ingredients that could be used as filler. It’s best to go for only top shelf Delta-8 THC tinctures. Finding a high quality Delta-8 THC tincture takes a little research and effort. You might be inclined to check with your local dispensaries for D8 tinctures. At a dispensary, you can chat with the employees about which brands are best, but it’s always a good idea to learn more about the brand before actually buying and using the product. To learn more about the brand, you might start by thoroughly reading the packaging and following up with a review of the brand’s website and potential social media presence. If the brand at least has a professional website this is usually a good sign. On their website, you should find full access to their Certification of Analysis. This is essentially lab test results completed by a third party lab which is independent of the brand and that tests the products and discloses what ingredients are included and at which percentages. This is essential to learning what exactly you are having before using them. This is especially important with tinctures because these products are most typically sold in dark bottles to reduce light effects to the tincture and the contents can not be easily seen prior to suctioning them into the dropper. Once you have found a legitimate and transparent brand, you are on your way to enjoying a high-quality Delta-8.



Q11. How Do I Store My Delta 8 THC Tinctures? 

There are a few things to keep in mind when storing Delta-8 THC tinctures. First, it’s best to keep them away from children or pets as they are only intended for adult use. Next, you should keep your tincture stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing your Delta-8 THC tinctures in direct sunlight for long periods. Tincture bottles are usually pretty small, so they are typically easy to store safely.


Q12. How Much Do Delta 8 THC Tinctures Cost? 

Tinctures vary in price. This can range from 25 to 60 dollars depending on the brand. When you decide to add a Delta-8 tincture to your regimen, you should invest in a quality brand to ensure the most effective experience.